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Reflections And Insights From The MBS Community

An Introduction to Aromatherapy Part 1 by Veronica MacDonald

According to Patricia Davis, in her book Aromatherapy an A-Z, aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant oils in treatment. It is a truly holistic therapy, taking account of spirit, mind and body of the person seeking help, as well as lifestyle and relationship.

by Veronica MacDonald

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An introduction to Aromatherapy Part 2 by Veronica MacDonald

By the sixteenth century Lavender water and essential oils known as ‘chymical oils’ could be bought from the apothecary, and, following the invention of printing the period 1470 to 1670 saw the publication of many herbals. The women of a household would have made all these remedies for home use, as well as pomanders, lavender bags and other herbal sachets to perfume the home…

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Misunderstandings About Posture by Julia Gilroy

Very often people think of posture in terms of how you ‘hold yourself’ upright. Many is the time when you hear people say ‘straighten up, don’t slouch’. But what does that actually mean and what are the physical consequences of the action?

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