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Finding Your Inner Balance by Elena Velema

Are you looking for balance in your life? Or maybe for ways to overcome anxiety, fear and doubt in the current world situation filled with hypes and threats? 

We all at some point in our lives are overwhelmed by emotions we cannot deal with, swept away by outside circumstances or by behaviour of people around us. And what we often do to deal with the uncomfortable feelings is look for some short term relief – we drink something, eat something, smoke something to make ourselves feel better. Sure enough, for a short while we feel relieved, however the main underlying issue does not go away that way. It is just temporarily pushed down, outside of our conscious awareness.

The thing is that so many of us in the attempt to feel better, more whole, to deal with difficult emotions look for the answers on the outside. We reach out for that drink at wine o’clock which makes us forget about our problems for a while, we start dependent relationships to fill that empty space inside of us. We blame people around us for the situation we are in, we blame the economy for our financial difficulties.

And then we outsource or well-being to an outside substance, be it a drink, a cigarette or comfort food.
So many of us spend a lot of time looking for the right things in the wrong places.

The truth is that the answers to our well-being can only be found on the inside. But how do we find them and where do we start? There are so many techniques out there and so many different approaches to balance and well-being, so which one is right for you? We are all so different, we come from different cultural and family backgrounds, we have different life experiences and have personal preferences that make us choose for one approach rather than the other. Some find their true well-being though the body – by doing regular exercise and choosing for healthy and nutritious foods. Others resonate more with spiritual practices and find inner peace though meditation and prayer. Or choose for techniques that help them tame the mind with its incessant thoughts and inner dialogues.

The reality is that they are all One. Our mind, body and soul are inter-connected and make up this wonderous and complex being that we are. And we can access our well-being though any route.

The important thing is to start the journey. Start exploring one of the facets and you will come to know the whole thing.

The book on the mind, body and soul connection that recently came out is a fresh take on the different techniques and tools that help you access your true well-being. In one book you will find over 20 different approaches to finding your inner balance and there will very likely be one that resonates with you and with the current situation you are facing. The book is called “One” and can be found on your local Amazon website http://mybook.to/Onethebook. Reading this book in these times of uncertainty has been like a breath of fresh air. No wonder it became #1 Bestseller on Amazon in more than 10 countries.

Start your journey today to a place of inner well-being, moving away from the fear and anxiety that permeates the world. A journey to a place within yourself filled with light and love. Find a way, the one that works for you – though your mind, body and soul – to come back to that place as often as you can and fill your inner world with more love than fear. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take yours today.


MBS Academie
MBS Academie
Jacqui Walker has lived and worked on the Cote d’Azur for over 15 years as a therapist and teacher specialising within the field of specific learning difficulties, gifted children and adults with difficulties such as addiction, eating disorders, phobia and anxieties. Jacqui has many life experiences that create empathy and understanding permitting the formation of a therapeutic relationship based on understanding and trust enabling clients to identify problems, formulate goals and create rapid changes in their lives.
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