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The Alexander Technique is about how you move in your daily and professional life. Moving inefficiently can put enormous strains and forces on your body, often causing pain and injury but by understanding how this happens you can start to move more constructively.

Julia runs these classes for anyone interested in improving their technique; dance, sport, yoga…or if you suffer from common aches and pains such as sciatica, inflamed joints, back ache…

Her work is based on the Alexander Technique and helps you move in harmony rather than against your physical design.

Each session begins with your comments, feedback and questions which serve to guide the ongoing sessions and allow you to learn more efficiently. Simple theoretical explanations introduce the theme of the session. This is followed by fun, practical exercises in standing and moving which gives you the opportunity to explore ideas on your own. Finally you will take home information to experiment with before the following workshop. There will also be informative hand-outs and articles available to you during the course.

As an active member of the International Alexander Technique organisation (ATI) for many years, Julia is also a certified LearningMethods teacher – a method that integrates the latest neuroscientific discoveries of mind/body work. Her experience as a professional classical and contemporary dancer has also influenced her work.

Julia offers individual sessions and small group workshops in English and in French.

• Certified LearningMethods teacher
• Member of the International Alexander Technique organisation (ATI)
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