Mel Burch
Pilates Instructor (EN/FR)
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“My objective as a Pilates teacher is simple, and is born of a desire to give something back and transmit what I have personally gained from Pilates myself”.

Having discovered Pilates as a way to eliminate chronic neck pain Mel is passionate about helping guide people to leading a pain-free and healthy life.

Are you looking to improve your posture, reconnect to your body, get back into exercise, or improve your existing sporting performance (eg. golf, tennis, skiing, running, swimming etc)?  For more information please check out fill in the contact form opposite or contact Mel on +33 (7) 8370 0318 to discuss your objectives and book a Pilates session (English and French spoken).

As part of the team at MBS Academie, Mel will be offering:

  • Private and duo classes on the versatile Reformer and mat as well as on other Pilates-specific apparatus.
  • Pilates for people suffering from all sorts of pathologies (eg. back and neck pain, scoliosis, post-hip replacement etc), working closely with your doctor/kiné/osteopath as appropriate to achieve the best results possible.
  • Pre and post-natal Pilates (group and private) with use of tools such as the Swiss balls for low impact training, ideal to safely strengthen legs/back/core, aid relaxation and provide physical relief from general pregnancy woes!  This will help guide you safely through pregnancy and help you to get back into shape afterwards.  Pilates is excellent for strengthening the pelvic floor and rehabilitation of diastasis-recti.
• Comprehensive matwork teacher training course with Anoushka Boone (Pilates in Motion, Jan ’14 – Feb ‘15)
• Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates (QCF) (CYQ, Jan ’14 – Jan ‘15)
• Bridging teacher training course (apparatus) with Cristiane Domenici (Studio Pilates in Cannes, Jan – Dec ‘16)
• Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle (CQP) (La Fédération Française Sports Pour Tous, June ‘16)
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