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Jacqui Walker


Jacqui Walker has lived and worked on the Cote d’Azur for over 13 years as a therapist and teacher specialising within the field of specific learning difficulties, gifted children and adults with difficulties such as addiction, eating disorders, phobia and anxieties.  Jacqui has many life experiences that create empathy and understanding permitting the formation of a therapeutic relationship based on understanding and trust enabling clients to identify problems, formulate goals and create rapid changes in their lives. Addicted to learning, Jacqui ensures that she uptakes professional development programs on a yearly basis to ensure that her skills are uptodate.

Jacqui is qualified to assess and create reports for UK examination boards for children that require extra support within schools, educational programs and for examinations. She is also able to assess expat English children and create reports that are accepted by the French Educational System. She has also provided full-time schooling for children on the Autistic Spectrum or with a diagnosis of Dyslexia, ADHA, school anxiety and other issues that prevent students from performing to their
full potential within mainstream education.

Being the founder of MBS Academie Jacqui recognises the need for a central location for clients to learn about and have access to a variety of therapists, enabling clients full access to all therapist and educators to feed the Mind, Body and Soul to ensure holistic wellbeing, reaching life-enriching goals.

• Psychologist (MBPsS) BSc. Psy.Hons
• Cl.Hypno Dip
• Dyslexia & Lit.PG dip.
• BPS reg: RQTU392083, Membership number: 39208


Rosie Nolan

calming COACH

A wellness coach and Reiki Level I and II healer. Rosie help busy women make realistic changes to reduce stress and anxiety, the holistic way. Her course is a 12 week one-on-one program. She teaches calming techniques and practices to help you to feel calm, grounded and be in control of your everyday life.

You will be guided to look at your current lifestyle, situation habits, what’s causing you the most pain, unease or stress and together we will focus on solutions that work best for you. She will support you as you create small daily habits that will bring calm and balance into your daily life on emotional, physical and mental levels and without impacting on your current work-family commitments.

She practice hands-on Reiki here at MBS Academie. Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing. This healing energy is channelled through my hands and I am guided to place them on the body, chakras or wherever it is needed most. A Reiki healing restores, balances and re-aligns a person’s energy, bringing about a sense of calm, relaxation, clarity of mind and positivity. It is a very gentle, non-invasive healing and is always safe. Many people find Reiki beneficial in reducing stress, grief, anxiety, physical aches and pains.

Visit her website for booking details and feel free to email her for more information.


Veronica Blasband

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Specialist

Veronica’s unique aromatherapy solutions are created from the rich, organic plant essences provided by the well-known floral bounty of Provence as well as many other areas around the world, using the
living energy of plants, stored in flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, berries, fruits, resin, wood and roots.

Aromatherapy enhances emotional and physical wellbeing, helps improve issues such as anxiety, stress, sleep problems, and skin issues amongst countless others. All oils used are evidence-based, organic and vegan.

Be they for beauty or wellness, on request and consultation, preparations are imbued with a specific healing programme designed for each client, based on their individual needs and desires.

Veronica also gives Aromatherapy hand massages, called the ‘M’ Technique, as developed by Jane Buckle in the 1960’s – 30 euros a session (half hour sessions).  

Her products are available for sale here.

Her articles are available here.

Amy Ndeye Guey


Passionnée de nutrition et de cuisine, j’ai fait de ma passion ma profession. Soucieuse du bien être de chacun, la nutrition est pour moi essentielle à la santé. Spécialisée dans la prise en charge de l’obésité (je suis diététicienne pour le plan obépédia PACA), je suis également diététicienne généraliste et je saurai vous accompagner dans votre parcours du bien manger.

La nutrition, l’activité physique adaptée et la gourmandise sont mes maîtres mots. Vous souhaitez améliorer votre nutrition, être suivi dans le cadre d’une pathologie, apprendre à cuisiner sainement des plats savoureux? Contactez moi pour un bilan nutritionnel et un suivi diététique au sein de MBS Académie.

Passionate about nutrition and cooking, I made my passion, my profession. Mindful of everyone’s well-being, for me, nutrition is essential to health. Specialized in the management of obesity (I am a dietitian for the obepedia plan PACA), I am also a general dietician and I will guide you on your journey to achieve healthy eating and well being. Nutrition, adapted physical activity and greed are my watchwords. You want to improve your nutrition? Be followed by a pathologist? Learn to cook
healthy, tasty dishes?

Contact me for an appointment and a nutritional assessment.

Fribourg David


Je suis un thérapeute expérimenté, professionnel et diplômé d’OSTEOPATHIE et de MASSAGE BIEN-ETRE. Je pratique:

1 MASSAGE BIEN-ETRE qui a pour base le TUI NA. Cela se décline en 2


  • 1 MASSAGE BIEN ETRE DRAINANT. C’est un geste doux qui favorise la détente totale. Utile pour la préparation d’une opération en diminuant les toxines, stimuler le système immunitaire, aider les jambes lourdes, pour performer dans un sport ou encore pour perdre des centimètres de tour de taille.
    Geste plus ou moins appuyé selon le patient qui a pour but de réduire le stress et relâcher les muscles, les fascias qui les entourent. Il s’agit d’agripper, d’étirer les fibres musculaires et défaire les adhérences qui existent entre les différentes couches de muscles et des fascias.

Le soin d’ostéopathie est relativement doux mais efficace. Cette pratique est utile pour donner une plus grande mobilité tissulaire muscles, articulations viscères… et soutenir un corps qui doit s’adapter chaque jour à nos activités.

Je vous accompagne pour intégrer une pratique d’étirement et de musculation afin d’entretenir son corps chaque jour. Objectif minimiser les douleurs chroniques ou encore prévenir celles qui reviennent souvent au même endroit. Pour les femmes enceintes massages et soin d’ostéopathie seront adaptés


Sarah Patrick


Offering Individual Lashbase eyelash extensions, Shellac spa manicure and pedicures and Organic bespoke Facial treatments, customise to your individual needs.

• CIDESCO International diploma in Eshetics

Lou Garnero

Yoga Instructor (ariel & hatha yogo)

A Hatha flow and aerial yoga teacher, Lou is also a sophrologist. Holder of a Bac + 3 in psychology and a Masters in anthropology of the performing arts (theater, dance and music), Lou has a multicultural and holistic humanist approach. Yoga and sophrology form an excellent mixture to combine body and mind, and thus learn to control and soothe them.


HATHA FLOW: dynamic and gentle yoga. The haha ​​flow combines meditation, breathing work and a series of postures.

AERIAL YOGA: yoga with the help of an aerial tissue. Sequence of postures on the ground, standing and in the fabric.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT (stress, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, joy, disgust …).
SEXUALITY DISORDERS (vaginismus, endometriosis, premature ejaculation, erection problems, identity research, fantasies, libido …).
THE MENTAL PREPARATION OF THE ATHLETE (concentration, stress, self-confidence, eating disorders, team spirit …).

Lou is convinced that if we can listen to our inner life, we can have access to the path that leads to our happiness. Knowing how to understand your body and mind is essential to control your daily emotions. Yoga and relaxation therapy help to detach from complicated everyday situations and send more positive signals to the brain. Refocusing on the present moment to approach the future with more peace of mind and thus detach from one’s past, are his watchwords.

Helen McLeod


Helen is an independent British-trained phsyiotherapist who has been working for over 40 years. She started her career working as a physio/trainer for the Festival Ballet and other West End shows, such as Cats and Starlight Express. She then spent 10 years in Hong Kong working as a physio for Rugby 7s teams and the ATP Tour (Asia).

She additionally worked at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Helen now works as a generalist in all domains of physiotherapy including orthopedics and respiratory treatment. She works with clients of all ages, including children, and has a particular interest in sports physiotherapy. Helen is accredited within the French system and accepts Carte Vitale and Mutuelle payments.


  • M.C.S.P
  • S.R.P.

Appointments are 30 minutes long and Helen works on a strict time schedule in order to minimise any waiting time for her clients. To book an appointment please call Helen directly on her phone.

Emma Henderson


Emma is a fully qualified, experienced Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, angel card reader, teacher and works with clients from all walks of life.

Emma has worked as a Reiki practitioner for over 12 years and counsellor for over 6 years. Emma holds a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. With a background in the corporate sector in digital marketing and business sectors in London, Canada and Dublin, Emma now works with clients as a counsellor and Reiki therapist in Dublin and Mougins, South of France.


  • Reiki Master
  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

Jacqui Napier


Throughout my previous career as a Nurse, then British Airways Cabin Crew, I have always pursued my passion for creativity. Whether it is painting, sculpture, jewellery making and sewing. When I retired from flying myself, and a friend opened a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Cafe in Biot.

I then continued with mobile pottery parties and Workshops. In 2016 I relocated to Portugal for 2 years. There I worked as a volunteer with Projecto Arte which is a charity that offers Art therapy to disadvantaged children in schools and youth clubs. This really spiked my interest in Art therapy and I went on to take courses at Goldsmiths and the British Association of Art Therapists in London as well
as Metafora school of Art in Barcelona.

I have learnt just how powerful creativity is to all of us. My aim now is to bring art to everyone. Especially those who think they can’t draw/paint or are intimidated by regular art classes. I will be offering a series of short courses in small groups. Starting with Mindful Art sessions, which is very varied and free. Later I will be doing courses on beginners drawing techniques, pottery and painting.

Julia Gilroy


After a career as a classical and contemporary dancer Julia became fascinated in body mechanics and physiology. The Alexander Technique helped her overcome achilles tendinitis while touring with a contemporary dance company which inspired her to train as a teacher. Similarly, Learning Methods helped her understand the physiological and psychological difficulties she encountered as a classical dancer.

She has taught both methods for more than 15 years in France.

Julia helps you understand the long term effects of harmful habits such as slouching or holding tension in the shoulders and neck. She gives amusing demonstrations and simple explanations about the essence of moving constructively. They enable you to acquire knowledge from your own experience and at the same time, you learn the process and valuable tools with which to continue working on yourself. As you adapt your movement habits you will avoid pain, discomfort and injury whilst enjoying the effortless and ease in everything you do.  Julia has taught people of all ages including dancers, sports enthusiasts and musicians.

Since receiving a degree in dance at Surrey University, she has also taught dance and creative movement in schools and Arts centres in England and France incorporating both methods in her pedagogy.

Julia currently works at the Health Clinic at PNSD, Mougins (Pôle National Supèrieur de Danse) where she coaches pre-professional dancers.Committed to continuing her professional development Julia regularly participates in workshops and conferences around the world.

She is a member of the Alexander Technique International association (ATI) and ATI France, IADMS(International Association for Dance and Medical Research) and the Learning Methods organisation.  She is also a committee member of ADMR (Association of dance and medical research) at PNSD.

  • BA (Hons) Dance in Society
  • Certified Alexander Technique teacher
  • Certified Learning Methods teacher
  • D.E. Teacher of Contemporary Dance

For further details please see www.mouvementenvie.fr

Claude Van Eenoo


J’ai toujours eu deux passions, la langue française et la danse. Le français pour sa richesse, sa particularité et sa difficulté, la danse pour sa beauté, son harmonie et sa rigueur. Deux façons de s’exprimer : avec les mots, avec les gestes. Cela fait, maintenant, plus de 10 ans, que j’enseigne le français Langue Etrangère à des étrangers de tous âges et de différentes nationalités.

I have always had two passions, the French language and dance. French for its richness, its particularity and its difficulty, the dance for its beauty, its harmony and its rigor. Two ways to express yourself: with words, with gestures. It is now more than 10 years that I teach French as a Foreign Language to foreigners of all ages and different nationalities.

Joachim Klimeit Photo

Joachim Klimkeit

Psychotherapy and Somato-therapist

Joachim Klimkeit, praticien en Psychothérapie et Somato-thérapeute d’origine franco-allemande. Je propose un accompagnement thérapeutique en quatre langues : français, anglais, allemand et italien.

J’accompagne des personnes en thérapies brèves de Psychothérapie ayant stress, angoisse, anxiété, phobies, perte deuil, séparation, divorce, co-dépendance, aussi bien sur les maladies psychosomatiques et auto-immunes souvent en lien avec un trauma ou un conflit interne non résolu, qui a tout simplement été refoulé. Lequel s’est ensuite fixé dans le corps, en lien avec un ressentiment opprimé tel que la colère ou la peur.

Une thérapie peut être le levier pour soigner corps et âme.

Somato-thérapie et soins énergétiques, Chakras et méridiens, déblocage énergétique. Soma, en grec ancien, signifie le corps. Le but de la somato-thérapie est de reconnecter l’âme au corps en touchant la partie du corps qui souffre et de débloquer les méridiens et d’ouvrir les chakras du corps. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de bien-être, mais plutôt d’identifier et d’éliminer les problèmes psychologiques qui sont déjà liés au corps, et peuvent entraîner des douleurs physiques. Ainsi, en reconnectant le corps à l’âme, le somato-thérapeute est un guide pour guérir les maux et l’esprit.

Mettre des mots sur les maux est essentiel pour accéder au chemin de la guérison.

Assistance thérapeutique avant, pendant et après la chimiothérapie après l’ouverture d’un protocole en chimiothérapieJe vous accompagne donc tout au long du processus de chimiothérapie, tant sur le plan physique que sur le plan mental, pour en faire l’expérience de la manière la plus douce possible.


Joachim Klimkeit, practitioner in Psychotherapy and Somato-therapist of French-German origin. I offer therapeutical support in four languages: French, English, German and Italian.

Brief Psychotherapy therapies for people experiencing: stress, anxiety, anxiety, phobias, loss, mourning, separation, divorce, co-dependence,
both on psychosomatic and autoimmune diseases often related to trauma or internal conflict unresolved, which was simply turned away. Which then settled in the body, in connection with an oppressed resentment such as anger or fear.

Therapy can be the lever to heal body and soul.

Somato-therapy and energy care, Chakra and meridian, energy release. Soma, in ancient Greek, means the body. The goal of somatotherapy is to reconnect the soul to the body by touching the part of the body that is suffering and to unblock the meridians and open the chakras of the body.

It is not just about well-being, but rather identifying and eliminating psychological problems that are already linked to the body and can lead to physical pain. Thus, by reconnecting the body to the soul, the somato-therapist is a guide to heal ailments and the spirit.

Putting words on ailments is essential to access the path to recovery.


Therapeutical assistance after opening a chemotherapy protocol, I accompany you throughout the chemotherapy process, prepare you to afford physically and mentally the chemotherapy to experience it in the way as smooth as possible.


Lizzy Parks

musician/singer/songwriter and music educator

Lizzy Parks is an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter and music educator, passionate in sharing the joy of music within the community. Lizzy leads collective choir groups for all ages from children & teens through to adults. Sharing her love for musical expression, the choir sessions are not only fun but build confidence, increase self awareness, help reduce stress and improve cognitive learning and memory function. For more info contact Lizzy on 0677909797 or mail bigblazechorus@gmail.com


Janet Holroyd

Yoga Teacher

Janet Holroyd qualified as a teacher at Nottingham College of Education, in 1972. In 1996 she trained as an Exercise To Music teacher in London and two years later became a Yoga Teacher after studying with the International Yoga School in Devon. She has taught in international schools the around the world and since leaving mainstream education in 2012 has focused on teaching Yoga and Exercise to Music on the Riviera

Janet believes that Yoga should be accessible to everyone, no matter what their age or level of fitness. The gentle but powerful movements bring flexibility and strength and it’s never too late to learn and to feel the benefits. Janet has a welcoming and open attitude and wants you to achieve your goals and enjoy the classes.


Selena Briquet

Coach en développement personnel

“Très jeune, j’aisu que jevoulaisexercer un métier dans le relationnel, dans l’accompagnement, car j’aidepuistoujours le goût de l‘humain, l’envied’aider les personnes à révélerleurpotentiel tout enleurlaissant la liberté d’être elles-mêmes, en acceptant et accueillantleurs forces et faiblesses.

J’aid’abordexercé le métierd’ éducatrice spécialiséeauprèsd’ adultesen situation de handicap mental pendant 7 anspuisj’ aidécouvert le coaching de vie. Cetaccompagnement qui aide à prendre conscience de noslimites et fonctionnements, d’éclaircir les objectifs et de trouver des actions à mettreen place pas à pas.

Certifiéeen Mai 2019, je suis aujourd’hui coach endéveloppement personnel. J’accompagne les personnes dans leurévolution spirituelle et à dépasserleurspeurs et croyanceslimitantesafinqu’ellespuissent se réaliser et vivre une vie plus alignée avec leurêtreprofond.

Je propose entre autres des ateliers collectifs et des séances individuelles.

Retrouvez-moi sur facebook et instagram et sur mon site www.selenabriquetcoaching.com”

“At a very young age, I knew that I wanted to work in relationships , in support, because I have always had a taste for people , the desire to help people reveal their potential while giving them the freedom to be themselves, accepting and welcoming their strengths and weaknesses.

I first worked as a specialist educator with adults with mental disabilities for 7 years, workshops and individual sessions.

Find me on facebook and instagram and on my website www.selenabriquetcoaching.com “

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