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MBS Real Lives is about ordinary people talking about their real-life experiences, illness, love, divorce, fear, adaptation.. the list is endless. You are not alone and these stories will provide you with insight, support and an understanding about your own life.

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Rose T. Mupambwa – relationship coach and life coach and the author of this very powerful book EXHUME OR HEAL – A WIDOW’S MEMOIR
“Exhume or Heal: A Widow’s Memoir is a book about a widow’s journey from the time she lost her husband until when she found healing, love, and transformation. Rosemary talks about how to forgive, heal and find new retionships and be happy. Her must-read book, addresses several obstacles faced by loss and grief, and how to overcome them. How to reinvent yourself, be stronger and ready to start over again.

rtm@roseslifecoaching.com. https://www.roseslifecoaching.com. www.reigniteyourgrooveretreats.com

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