French Classes – Over 60s (Zoom)

French Beginners for over 60s Zoom Online Classes every Monday afternoon.Learn new skills, gain confidence and socialise. The class is from 16:00 – 17:00  Just 105€ for a 7-week class. Sign up today 🙂

Off the Starting Block French

So you have the basics down but want to progress rapidly with a great teacher? We have the class for you. Class is from 14:45-15:45. €105 for a 7-Week Course  

French Conversation Workshops – Advanced

French Conversation Tuesdays at MBS Mougins

  Join Claude for our Advanced French Conversation Workshops.Starting on Tuesday the 3rd of November. Every day, you exercise your French language muscles, training yourself to flex them at will.  As you grow stronger and more agile, you’re better able to follow the language’s various twists and turns and to avoid its common pitfalls. When you […]

French Naturalisation (Zoom) – 10 Weeks

French Naturalisation Classes beginning in November. Do you want your French nationality? Need to pass the interview? Do you know how France works culturally and Politically?

French Conversation – Intermediate (Zoom)

FRENCH Intermediate

Intermediate French Conversation Classes on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 at MBS Academie. Learn new skills, gain confidence and socialise. €210 Euros for the 7-week course.